TEDxJacksonHole 2013 Disrupt Speaker Lineup

TEDxJacksonHole 2013 Disrupt was held on Saturday, October 5, 2013 and featured the following engaging visionaries and storytellers who shared ideas worth spreading.

  • April Alliston

    April Alliston

    Consenting Adults
    Disrupting Porn Culture Without Censoring Porn

    April Alliston teaches literature and gender and sexuality studies at Princeton University. Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and other awards, her publications range from books on eighteenth-century women’s fiction to op-eds on Fifty Shades of Grey and Internet trolls. Her current book is Consenting Adults? On Pornography, Privacy, and Freedom.
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  • Ed Belbruno

    Ed Belbruno

    Painting The Way To The Moon
    How Art Inspires Science

    Ed Belbruno is both an astrophysicist and artist. He discovered a new type of route to the Moon that was spectacularly demonstrated in 1991, rescuing a Japanese spacecraft. He is also a recognized painter, with a recent exhibition at Lincoln Center and a painting in NASA’s executive collection in Washington. Ed is affiliated with Princeton University.
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  • Hessler & Mewejje

    Sandy Hessler & Brolin Mewejje

    The Radiance Of Self Reflection
    Life In A New Culture And Family

    Sandy Hessler and Brolin Mewejje met for the first time in 2003 when Brolin moved from Uganda to Boston at age 11. In the years since, Brolin has learned to navigate vastly different cultures. He is currently a medical student at Westminster University and hopes to be the first African snowboarder in the Olympics. Together they have navigated disruptions of culture, family expectations, health challenges and life to learn what it means to be a family.
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  • Kristen Moeller

    Kristen Moeller

    Forged By Fire
    How To Rise To The Occasion Of Your Life

    Bestselling author and coach, Kristen Moeller MS, utilizes decades of training in counseling coupled with her own addiction recovery to champion those who become lost in their wild journey through this wacky world. In her spare time, Kristen lounges in her mountainside yurt, explores in her 1967 Airstream and sails in the Bahamas.
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  • John Morgan

    John Morgan

    The Responsbility of Luck
    Understanding What To Do With The Fortune We Receive

    John Morgan is a professional communication coach and owner of Dialogue, Inc based in Jackson, Wyoming. An active member of the community, he also teaches at Central Wyoming College and performs regularly with the improv comedy group, The Laff Staff. He considers himself extremely lucky to live in the shadows of the Tetons with his wife, Laura and young daughter Fiona.
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  • Steve Trilling

    Steve Trilling

    The Ignorance Of Crowds
    Staying Ahead Of The Game By Changing The Way We Play

    Stephen Trilling is the Chief Technology Officer at Symantec Corporation, the world’s largest Internet security company.  Trilling holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Yale University and an M.S. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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  • Ava Ulmer  Marena Salerno Collins

    Ava Ulmer & Marena Salerno Collins

    A Disruptive Musical Treat
    Live Musical Performance

    Ava Ulmer is a nine year old who studies voice, violin and piano. She has performed at Journeys School, Teton County Fair, Off Square Theater and the Jackson Hole Hootenanny. Marena Salerno Collins is a seventeen year old instrumentalist in a number of genres, including Classical, Jazz, Pop, Celtic, and Django Reinhardt music. She has been honored as a Viola Soloist with the Saratoga Chamber Orchestra, 1st Chair Violist in the Seattle Youth Symphony, nominated to the Wyoming State High School Honor Band on Tenor Saxophone, recipient of the 2012 Teton Music Festival Mentorship and has won All-State titles on both the Violin and Viola.
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  • Nate Ver Burg

    Nate Ver Burg

    Missed Connections
    The Tyranny of Devaluing Others

    Nate Ver Burg, founder of Elevated Ideas, has an uncanny ability to see things differently. He uses this talent to instigate revolutionary change in business by forcing companies and industries to shatter their established mindsets. Nate’s prescient perspective is equally influential in both business and personal experiences.
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